Friday, July 21, 2017

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WEEK OF JULY 17 TO 21, 2017

Trump Can Shut Down Mueller


RUSH: In my mind, President Trump would be perfectly within his rights to shut this down. There's nothing about this that has followed regulations.  With no underlying crime, there's really no reason for a special counsel. 



Rush's Cable Cord Cutting and Health Insurance Analogy


RUSH: When you explain what Millennials don't like about cable is the same thing that's going on in health care (they're making you buy things you don't need or want) it had to click.



Coming to HBO: Confederate


RUSH: The two people that are primarily responsible for the TV show Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, have contracted with HBO to do a new show called Confederate. Why do this?



Left Advances Zuckerberg's Universal Basic Income


RUSH: It's being portrayed as very compassionate. But it doesn't erase the age-old argument about stipends, welfare: What does it do to one's character? What does it do to the backbone of America?



Call Covering Preexisting Conditions Welfare - Not Insurance

RUSH: I am not opposed to people with preexisting conditions being treated. We are a compassionate country. But it isn't insurance. When your house catches fire and you call State Farm and say, "I want fire insurance," they'll hang up on you.


Ed's Granddaughter, Flying Dallas to New Jersey

Ed from Texas writes, "My #1 granddaughter and I took a trip in my Beechcraft Bonanza from a local airport about 30 miles south of Dallas to New Jersey's Sky Manor Airport. During our time in the air she completed her second book, barely putting it down (except for the occasional nap). Reading these is a lot more informative than playing video games for hours on end. She is 10 years old and loves your books, especially Liberty, the talking horse!"

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Morning Update

Press Loves Trump?

Scaramucci went out and met with the press. Not to do the briefing, just to introduce himself -- and it was obvious that the objective with the new communications office is going to be trying to make the press like the president. It isn't going to happen. It never happens. 

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