Saturday, August 5, 2017

‘Public Education’ Not Easy to Define

‘Public Education’ Not Easy to Define - Questions raised by rally for more school funding

State Revenue Up Almost Twice The Amount Of Defeated Income Tax Cut - Asked and answered: Governor wanted to know where the money would come from

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Friday, August 4, 2017

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Rally Gins Up Beltway Hate


RUSH: What Trump demonstrated in West Virginia - much to the chagrin and hatred of the Washington establishment - is that he has a strong relationship with the American people. 



A Look Back with Sound Bites


RUSH: We're starting our 30th year at the EIB Network. We haven't used these sound bites before, which is one of the reasons I like this. 



Young Leftist on Capitalism


RUSH: Can you cite for me anywhere in the world where a noncapitalist form of government has created wealth and plenty for the majority of the population? 



Lady Liberty's Real History


RUSH: The Statue of Liberty points outward, away from the U.S. It is a beacon of freedom to the world. It has nothing to do with immigration.



Obamacare Implodes - and It's the Republicans' Problem?

RUSH: It's now become a fact that the Republicans "failed" to fix Obamacare when Obamacare was wonderful! It was brilliant. It was the first step to utopia. But it's falling apart 'cause of the Republicans.


Esther in North Carolina

"We're three siblings who made it, Rush! From the ghettos of Harlem to 6+ figure income, I made it through hard work, education, and personal sacrifice. ONLY IN AMERICA! Your choices mean everything. My siblings didn't do badly, either. By the way, I'm the brunette on the left. I recently got together with these guys after 10+ years apart to celebrate old age."

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Morning Update

IRS Swamp

The IRS rehired 200 employees who never should have been rehired. And for some reason that nobody can figure out, Obama's guy is still running the IRS -- this Koskinen guy.


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